Join me for a FREE five day challenge to hit the RESET button on your little one’s playtime and learn how to easily inject more play into each day!


Five Days to More Play is for you if you are:

  • Wanting to see more play in your home but you don't know to start
  • Feeling guilty that screen time has taken over
  • Finding yourself spending more time scrolling for new play ideas than the time spent connecting *with* your little ones
  • Buying more and more new toys in the hope your little one will play for longer - but they don't!
  • Wanting quick and easy ideas that take less than a few minutes to set up, but can lead to half an hour of play or more!

During the five days together, we’ll be going back to the basics of play with simple play ideas that siblings can play with together (no matter their age or developmental stage!), plus helpful tips and strategies to get the most out of the toys that you already own – there’s no need to buy anything new!

What we'll be covering:


The real reason your little one doesn't play with the activities you've set up for them


Why a playroom full of toys doesn't equal more play


How to create engaging activities without spending a cent


Forget expensive toys - turn your trash into play treasure!


The number one tip to see your little one play for longer

Once you join Five Days to More Play, I'll email you with our private pop-up Facebook group link so you can connect with me and other mums in the challenge! This is also where you will see me going live with each day's play idea and helpful tips!

Don't have Facebook? No worries! You'll also receive the link to a private Instagram group where I'll be streaming the daily lives, so you won't miss out on the fun!

Hi! I'm Lycie, mum of three, early years teacher and play coach. For the past six years, I've been on a mission to help mums easily inject more play into every day and I'd love to help you too!

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